Valdi Ingthorsson

IMG_20210811_185153283_BURST000_COVER_TOP~2 (kopia) I am an Associate Professor in Philosophy at Helsinki University. On these pages you will find information about my research and the occasional post about current matters on my field.

My area of specialisation is Metaphysics. More specifically I address core issues in the Metaphysics of Time, Causation, Persistence, Powers, Process, and Truth.  The views I defend are:

  1. Presentism: only the present exists, the future not yet and the past no longer.
  2. Endurantism: things endure rather than perdure.
  3. Powerful particulars view of causation: causation is interaction between powerful particulars. 
  4. Causal theory of constitution and persistence: compounds are constituted by causal interactions between component parts and persistence is a measure of how long they are so constituted.
  5. Compound particulars are both substances and processes
  6. Identity theory of properties: properties are both qualities and powers.
  7. Truth, I believe, is a question of correspondence between belief and the subject matter of that belief.

I am also interested in questions having to do with the application of metaphysics to our understanding of science (humanities and social science included).

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