New Review of McTagggart’s Paradox

A review of my book McTaggart’s Paradox—written by Joshua Mozersky—has just appeared in the Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. It is extremely positive. Mozersky concludes his review thus:

Though I have expressed a number of reservations concerning Ingthorsson’s conclusions with respect to endurance and presentism, I remain extremely enthusiastic about the book as a whole, which is truly an excellent piece of both philosophy and scholarship: argumentative and rigorous, informative and thought provoking. It is also superbly written, exhibiting exceptional clarity, concision, and flow. It is in all respects a first rate contribution. Anybody interested in McTaggart, the philosophy of time, or metaphysics will reap tremendous rewards from engaging with Ingthorsson’s ideas; do give them a go.

Read the whole thing here: Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews


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