By Subjects

Philosophy of Time

2018, ‘Presentism and Cross-Time Relations’, in P. Blackburn & D. Jakobsen (eds.) Logic and Philosophy of Time: Themes from Prior. By invitation.

2017, ‘Challenging the Grounding Objection to Presentism’, Manuscrito 40(1): 87–107.

2016, McTaggart’s paradox, Routledge Series in Contemporary Philosophy.

2013, ‘The Elusive Appearance of Time’, in Johanssonian Investigations, Frankfurt: Ontos Verlag: 304–16.

2009, ‘Can Things Endure in Tenseless Time?’, Sats–Nordic Journal of Philosophy 10(1): 79-99.

2001, ‘Temporal Parity and the Problem of Change’, Sats–Nordic Journal of Philosophy 2(2): 60–79.

2000, ‘Hur ska man förstå McTaggarts paradox?’, Filosofisk Tidskrift 21(3): 13–24.

1999, ‘Understanding McTaggart’s Paradox’, Metaphysics in the Post-Metaphysical Age Vol. II, Papers of the 22nd International Wittgenstein Symposium.

1998, ‘McTaggart and the Unreality of Time’, Axiomathes 9(3): 287–306.

Metaphysics of Properties

2015, ‘The Regress of Pure Powers Revisited’, The European Journal of Philosophy 23(3): 529–541.

2013, ‘Properties: Qualities, Powers, or Both?Dialectica 67 (1): 55–80.

Metaphysics of Truth

2018, ‘There is No Truth Theory Like the Correspondence Theory’, forthcoming in Discusiones Filosoficas.

2006, ‘Truthmakers Without Truth’, Metaphysica 7(2): 53–71.

Metaphysics of Causation

2019, ‘Mario Bunge and the Current Revival of Causal Realism’, in M. R. Matthews (ed.) Mario Bunge: Centenary Festschrift, Springer. By invitation.

2007, ‘Is There a Problem of Action at a Temporal Distance?Sats–Nordic Journal of Philosophy 8(1): 138-54.

2002, ‘Causal Production as Interaction’, Metaphysica 3(1): 87–119

Metaphysics of Conditions

2008, ‘The Logical vs Ontological Understanding of Conditions’, Metaphysica 9: 129-137.

Philosophy of Science

2013, ‘The Natural vs. Human Sciences: Myth, Methodology, and Ontology’, Discusiones Filosóficas 22(1): 13–29.

2008, ‘Meningsfulla sammanhang är objektivt verkliga’, Tvärsnitt 2008/2.

2007, ‘Det är skillnad på att studera människor och salt’, Tvärsnitt 2007/4.

2008, ‘En kvalitativ studie av dietisters erfarenheter och strategier gällande patienter med ätstörningar’, Dietistaktuellt (1): 7–8. With Lind & Skillerstedt.


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