By Dates

—Books and Edited Volumes, see here

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

2019, ‘Mario Bunge and the Current Revival of Causal Realism’, forthcoming in M. R. Matthews (ed.) Mario Bunge: Centenary Festschrift, Springer. By invitation.

2018, ‘Presentism and Cross-Time Relations’, forthcoming in P. Blackburn & D. Jakobsen (eds.) Logic and Philosophy of Time: Themes from Prior. By invitation.

2018, ‘There is No Truth Theory Like the Correspondence Theory’, Discusiones Filosóficas, forthcoming.

2017, ‘Is Competitive Elite Sports Really Morally Corrupt?’, Physical Culture and Sports. Studies and Research 74(1): 5–14.

2015, ‘The Regress of Pure Powers Revisited’, The European Journal of Philosophy 23(3): 529–41.

2013, ‘The Natural vs. Human Sciences: Myth, Methodology, and Ontology’, Discusiones Filosóficas 22(1): 13–29.

2013, ‘Properties: Qualities, Powers, or Both?Dialectica 67 (1): 55–80.

2009, ‘Can Things Endure in Tenseless Time?’, Sats–Nordic Journal of Philosophy 10(1): 79-99.

2008, ‘The Logical vs Ontological Understanding of Conditions’, Metaphysica 9: 129-137.

2008, ‘There is No Truth Theory Like the Correspondence Theory’, Accepted by Sorites but withdrawn (no issue in 6 years) under review elsewhere.

2007, ‘Is There a Problem of Action at a Temporal Distance?Sats–Nordic Journal of Philosophy 8(1): 138-54.

2006, ‘Truthmakers Without Truth’, Metaphysica 7(2): 53–71.

2002, ‘Causal Production as Interaction’, Metaphysica 3(1): 87–119

2001, ‘Temporal Parity and the Problem of Change’, Sats–Nordic Journal of Philosophy 2(2): 60–79.

1998, ‘McTaggart and the Unreality of Time’, Axiomathes 9(3): 287–306.

Book Chapters

2013, ‘The Elusive Appearance of Time’, in Johanssonian Investigations, Frankfurt: Ontos Verlag: 304–16.


2000, with Sandström, G., ‘Review: Ludlow: Semantics, Tense and Time’, LINGUIST List: Vol-11-1813, Available Online: [http:// 11/11-1813.html]

Other Publications

2008, ‘Meningsfulla sammanhang är objektivt verkliga’, Tvärsnitt 2008/2.

2007, ‘Det är skillnad på att studera människor och salt’, Tvärsnitt 2007/4.

2008, ‘En kvalitativ studie av dietisters erfarenheter och strategier gällande patienter med ätstörningar’, Dietistaktuellt (1): 7–8. With Lind & Skillerstedt.

2000, ‘Hur ska man förstå McTaggarts paradox?’, Filosofisk Tidskrift 21(3): 13–24.

1999, ‘Understanding McTaggart’s Paradox’, Metaphysics in the Post-Metaphysical Age Vol. II, Papers of the 22nd International Wittgenstein Symposium.


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